Are you an expert?

eLearning solutions at DDA Media

Can you show someone else how to do what you do or help them know what you know?

If so, you may be interested in tapping into eLearning opportunities online. The market for these activities is exploding worldwide (the worldwide e-learning industry is estimated to be worth over $48 billion according to conservative estimates) and you yourself may already be getting new knowledge and skills this way. The internet makes it possible to deliver worldwide in an instant using voice, video, pictures or the written word and receive feedback like you were there in person.

The good news is that it’s not the sole domain of colleges, universities and large corporate trainers.

In fact, the fastest growing segments are small, specialized courses ranging from playing the guitar, computer skills, writing or even pet training. If you can express the “how” online, there are really no segments that cannot be explored now.

eLearning at DDA Media

A visit to Youtube will show you the popularity of “how to” almost anything with many, many of these pieces promoting wider offerings for their creators.

So how do you get in? How would you turn a Youtube video into an ongoing virtual classroom or other channel of information delivery?

Selecting and utilizing the technologies that fit your delivery style and customer base has always been the barrier for those interested in entering this arena.

But no more.

We’ve created a niche in our business specifically to assist providers a path to not only utilize these deliveries in a custom fit, easy to use package, but also assist in marketing to their potential audiences. Whether you want to utilize video, VOIP, podcasts, audio files, forums, ebooks or any other delivery channel, we’ll setup your protected content areas for members, add billing systems and assist in finding your audience.

DDA Media eLearning Support services

One solution, all under one roof, a complete online eLearning business made to your needs and marketed to tap the vast audience available online, including in Social Media.

We’re here to help you spread your knowledge, be compensated for your expertise and make you look like an internet genius while doing it.

We’d like to talk to you about your ideas and the range of solutions today! Use our Contact page and tell us a little bit about your plans and let’s get you into the game!