New media gets bandied about quite a bit these days, everyone knows about the billions of people online, looking and shopping, but how does that translate to your business and what does it all mean?

To us, it’s describing the use of electronic delivery, especially the internet, to deliver your message. Whether it is websites, email campaigns, social media presence, SEO, search engine marketing, site advertising or the hundred other ways to deliver, it really boils down to how it can reach your customer, the message it delivers and how it ties with the rest of your sales and presentation materials offered to the public.

While electronic “pitches” are often many times cheaper than traditional methods (especially the costs of printing and distributing printed materials!), scattered approaches, mismatched styles and a lack of sales direction often lead to confusion and dilution of your message and/or brand.

That’s what leads to failure of websites.

So brutal that the majority never recoup their build costs with many not even covering monthly hosting!

It’s not the fault of a programmer or designer that you may have used, the failure stems from sales and marketing setting the goals and steering the delivery instead of simply handing it off to tech and hoping for the best.

This is one of the prime reasons we’ve chosen to include new media with our traditional graphical/imaging offerings. One team, working together toward delivery of one image, one message and one goal, blended seamlessly across all the different avenues of delivery. Online catalog meets trade show display and brochure. Business card meets Facebook fan page. TV and billboard meet your website and its online pitch.

All working together, in a sensible way to deliver your message uniformly across all outlets.

  • Websites
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Site Advertising

Blended with all your traditional Sales and Presentation Materials

So how does that differ from the usual ways of getting your message out there? Traditionally, you might have a graphic artist that does your business cards, the occasional brochure, some custom flyers and invoices. You might use another for signage for your business and vehicles.

Then you venture onto the web.

You might have been sucked in by the phone directory or mass media reps pitching their solutions for you online. You might have called a web designer to build you a small site or maybe even a large catalog online. You may have even bought some templates or a “site builder” online and tried your own hand at making something useful. What you may have also found is that you are paying loads of art/design charges for basically duplication of what you have already bought for the other mediums. If you are building yourself, you might realize how much of your time has been sucked away, with a substandard end product and no gain in business in the end.


There is no plan for everything to work together. The scattered suppliers don’t know about each other or cater to the needs of someone else’s job, just the one in front of them. The directory and mass media companies are interested in locking you into solely into their products, for as long as they can hold you. The online templates and site builders are not custom solutions designed to do what you really need, just shoehorn you into someone else’s idea of what may work, without even knowing the first thing about what you’re selling or promoting. Even if you do manage to get a site up that is doing a reasonable job of telling your story, then what? A website standing on its own is like a building in the middle of nowhere with no roads leading to it and no neighbors. Not exactly prime real estate!

You need a plan to go with everything you do online.

A plan that makes room for ever changing avenues of delivery, with a united delivery of your message, with methods of tracking results and the flexibility to adapt on the fly to pursue the greatest returns. A plan that can incorporate what you have and where you’ve been with what you want and where you want to go. Who can make that plan? Only a team with a wide range of experience, across all the platforms, working together on all facets of the plan. Does that sound like what you have?

That’s what we make.

That’s what we LOVE to make. Uniform, sensible delivery of the message, working to compliment and extend what works for an individual business.

If this is a solution you’re seeking, please contact us today and let’s work toward your plan for success.