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From the Blog - Can Small Business Thrive In During Economic Downturns?

The short answer is, of course.

In fact, large corporations often plan for such swings and use them to drive unprepared and distracted competitors out of business while massively (more)

DDA Media completes Facebook Listen tab for American Musicians Radio.

Embedding their radio player into a custom Facebook app so that their listeners can catch their favorite music from the station without leaving Facebook results in (more)

From the Blog - Is Web Dead?

We often hear, “I had a website built and it did nothing for us. We didn’t even recoup the cost of the build and so we just let it expire and die”. Does that sound like your story? Is that what you’re afraid of when (more)

DDA completes Facebook App for Utah Musicians Radio

Utah Musicians Radio selects DDA Media to build out a custom Facebook app to create a tab on their Facebook Page that carries their live internet radio feed directly from (more) taps DDA for new online presence.

DDA Media builds website and social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus and Youtube channels for The site includes video welcome, (more)

Welcome to DDA, your small business media specialists!

We’re your one stop shop for all of your sales & marketing materials needs, from business card to billboard, social media to ecommerce. We take your message everywhere you want it to be whether that means traditional print, tv and radio or the very latest digital delivery methods.

A uniform look and feel to your materials, regardless of how you want to mix or match! Let no technology or barrier stand in the way of reaching your potential and existing clients while we help you find the most cost effective delivery methods available. Welcome to the new methods mixed with the proven experience.

Welcome to DDA Media!
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Social Media

(does it really work for business?)

DDA Media Social DDA Media Social Media

That depends on whether or not your business needs an audience to gain customers.

Social Media’s audience has billions of users spending more and more time every single day in it. Would you like your message to get some space there?

A new dynamic has emerged on the web in the way businesses interact with their customers. While having a presence online has become near mandatory for most businesses, savvy businesses are tapping social networks to drive new clients, engage with prospective ones and increase sales to existing customers. They are seeing rapid growth in their market share as they establish trust and an opportunity to repeatedly interact with their base, all using these social media networks.

You’ll recognize their names. Coke, Nike, Victoria’s Secret, Target, Lowes and tens of thousands of (more)