DDA Media 7 seconds Ohhhhhhh!

You don’t think “Elevator Pitch” and the stuffy old print rules apply to the Digital Age?

Guess again.

In fact, with today’s speed of information delivery, it might just mean when your ad is viewed or your web page is visited, a critical decision is now made in 3 seconds or less!

3 seconds between your message drawing that new client or customer in or having them float away into the digital ether.

Ugly Truth About Web What?!

Sad but true.

Sites are failing by the millions

Failing to serve their owners, failing to draw customers in to learn more, failing to focus on what the business is in business for!

They are simply becoming a black hole for hard earned cash.

The reasons are numerous and range from disconnected marketing and IT departments, inexperienced web builders, failed attempts to modify CMS systems or templates or any number of other items, but they all have one thing in common.

They forgot the reason they exist.

To sell.

First and foremost, if all of your digital properties are not working together to sell, complimenting and extending your real world efforts, then what is the point of their existence? If a business isn’t here to sell, then it’s a hobby, not a business. You have the opportunity now to fix that. To turn all of your supporting information into a sales funnel. Extend your offline efforts and seamlessly blend them with your digital presence.

That’s not going to happen by accident or magic.

It’s going to happen by selecting a marketing partner that builds web and digital, not vice versa. It takes solid planning and an understanding that only decades of small business marketing experience can provide.

That’s who we are and what we do at DDA Media.

It’s time to step up and put your marketing house in order. It’s time to contact us today.

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